VOLUNTEERS and members of community group Crompton FC Academy have raised £1,500 for Fortalice by completing a challenging involving running 2,000km, doing 20,000 sit ups and 20,000 press ups.

Fortalice are a charity based in Bolton providing refuge for women and children affected by domestic abuse and violence, as well as support and guidance.

Mayor of Bolton Cllr Linda Thomas said: "Well done Crompton FC in your fundraising and choosing Fortalice as a benefactor, a charity in high demand so this money will be very much needed."

Volunteer Yunus Patel said: "We decided to do something during lockdown to raise money and everyone got involved, not just the kids but mums and dads too, everyone had fun doing it.

"We decided to help Fortalice when we heard about the work they do.

"It's also helped raise awareness of domestic abuse in the BAME community which is a positive thing.

"We're really pleased with the money we've raised, especially as people donated out of the kindness of their hearts."