OFFICIALS are due to announce today whether coronavirus rules will be relaxed across the borough. 

The government will review the current restrictions in place to slow the spread of covid-19, before deciding whether any changes need to be made. 

Bolton is currently in tier 3 - the highest alert level - along with the rest of Greater Manchester. 

Areas across England could see the rules in place tightened or relaxed, depending on whether the infection rate had risen or fallen, or have measures continue if no change has been seen.

Cllr Sue Baines, the cabinet member for health and wellbeing, says she hopes the borough could see restrictions eased.

She said: “Our infection rates are now lower than they were in Liverpool when they came out of Tier 3. 

“I would love us to come out of Tier 3 – I feel so so sorry for the restaurants and the public houses that have been absolutely battered by these restrictions. It would be lovely to be able to enjoy a meal, especially after such a tough year, but it’s all about keeping safe.” 

When Liverpool was moved to Tier 2 after the second national lockdown, the area had an infection rate of 162.2 per 100,000, as of the week ending November 21, with figures dropping to 91.8 by the week ending December 10.

In Bolton, the post-lockdown infection rate saw 306.4 new cases per 100,000 people – halving to 142.2 in the latest figures.

Cllr Baines added: “It’s all about maintaining safety. We’ve got this vaccine and it’s going to be all across the borough soon but it’s not the answer to everything – there are lots of people to vaccinate and everyone needs their second jab for the full protection.

"We’ve got to maintain precautions, wear our face masks, keep socially distant, and reduce our contacts with other people – I know it’s tough but all of us need to keep going with that.

“Everybody has given so much and complied with what’s been asked all year but we can’t give up now.”