Wingates brass band have teamed up with Age UK Bolton to create a touching video to raise awareness of loneliness for the elderly as a result of the coronavirus.

The video follows Grace as she is separated from an elderly neighbour, who she plays trumpet with, due to seeing him play outside during lockdown.

All events from the lockdown are covered from neighbours clapping for carers and VE day celebrations.

The elderly man, played by Wingates band's musical director' father, Len Andrews, is visibly lonely due to the stricter lockdown happening right now but is delighted when Grace, and Wingates band come to perform outside of his house on Christmas day.

The video is part of an appeal by Wingates band with Age UK Bolton to raise money for both the band, a registered charity, and Age UK, and to highlight the effects of loneliness over the pandemic.

Wingates composer in residence, Adam Taylor, helped produce the video which involves many other band members.

He said: "Christmas is usually a very big and busy time of year for the band, performing outside shops and elsewhere to raise money.

"As we approached Christmas we wanted to do something that would raise money for a vital cause, for the band and present something new to our brass band community.

"Many other bands across the country have made videos during lockdown but we wanted to do something that would really stand out.

"Myself and a small team decided to produce a short ‘advert’ on the theme of loneliness given the devastating impact COVID has had on peoples abilities to remain in touch with the wider community. None more affected than the elderly.

"We made contact with Age UK Bolton to see if they would allow us to raise funds for their charity and they were delighted to get on board.

"It was the first time we had worked with them and hopefully we can do much more work with them in the future."

The Westhoughton based band, which has a long history of performing on the international stage, would usually be very busy around Christmas doing a variety of performances which have been cancelled due to coronavirus.

They will be performing outside some care homes around Bolton and Bolton hospice this month, but campaigns like these help keep the band in the community during this difficult time.

Adam said: "This has been very important for all of our members, so we can still feel part of the community.

"We thought setting this up might be too difficult, but everyone thought it was great, it took a great deal of effort to do.

"The video involved the whole organisation, the whole band and we hope we can do more of these in the future, and hopefully as many people will get behind the appeal as possible."

The video can be viewed on the Wingates band Facebook or YouTube page.

To donate to the appeal, visit