Police reported 12 drivers for speeding in under 30 minutes across two locations during speed enforcement checks last night.

Police were positioned in Market Street, Stoneclough, and Wigan Road, in Westhoughton last night, both reporting six drivers within half an hour.

GMP Bolton West, who were positioned on Wigan Road, said within 30 minutes they had stopped six drivers, issuing them with traffic offence reports (TOR) for speeding on the road.

The highest speed they recorded on this road during this time was 50mph, according to police.

Police highlighted that road users did not seem to know what the speed limit on the road is.

A post on GMP Bolton West's Facebook page said: "We keep hearing drivers telling us they thought this road was a 40(mph). Make sure you know the speed limit of the road you are driving on."

Elsewhere, in Market Street, Stoneclough, police said they issued six TORs for speeding in just 20 minutes.

A post on GMP Bolton South's Facebook said: "We’ve only been here about 20 minutes and I’m disappointed to say that already we’ve issued 6 TORs for excess speed, with another summons to be issued later."

Both policing teams ended their posts with a plea to drivers, saying "please slow down".