A DRUGGED- up man who went on a rampage through a Bolton supermarket has been jailed for six months.

Bolton Crown Court heard Paul Vale, 46, ran into the Asda on Manchester Road, in the early hours of November 17.

Simon Brooks, prosecuting, said Vale told a female security guard who tried to stop him someone was chasing him and she should call the police.

Vale headed for the wines and spirits aisle where he smashed a red wine bottle on the floor before pulling a metal bar from a till and smashing a number of computer screens.

He threw various items of food around and raised the bar above his head and threatened to throw it at the guard.

Vale, of no fixed address, then ran to the cafe and continued to break and throw items to the floor until police officers arrived.

The officers threatened to use a Taser on him and Vale, who was “sweating profusely”, was then arrested.

He was heard to say “why have I done this?” and later told officers he was in fear for his safety.

Mr Brooks said Vale had around 90 previous convictions and last July had been sentenced for carrying a kitchen knife in public.

Rebecca Caulfield, defending, said before then incident Vale had taken heroin and crack cocaine and had an altercation with his ex-partner and her boyfriend. He was “paranoid about repercussions” and had “little recollection of what had happened”.

She added he had used Class A drugs for over 20 years and was also taking anti-depressant medication.

Judge Timothy Stead said Vale, who pleaded guilty to charges of affray and criminal damage, he had a “truly formidable criminal record” and added he had caused “real fear” to the staff and customers in the store.