A speeding car was stopped before it was discovered the driver was banned last night.

A blue Audi S3 was spotted joining the M61 at junction six, the Horwich Interchange, before driving off towards Chorley at over 90mph.

The car had joined the junction just in front of a patrolling police car and was subsequently stopped by police for driving over the speed limit.

After being stopped, the police then discovered that the driver of the car was disqualified from driving having been banned on December 10, according to police.

The driver, a male, as a result had his car seized by police for both the speeding and the disqualified driving.

A GMP Traffic Twitter post said: "Audi S3 joined the M61 J6 in front of #ME14 driver would then travel towards Chorley at times in excess of 90mph.

"On being stopped he was not only reported for exceeding the speed limit but also disqualified driving having been banned on the December 10. Car seized!"