A CARE home resident in Farnworth has celebrated turning 105.

Betty Brown reached the age on Christmas Day at Farnworth Care Home.

Betty was born in Great Harwood in 1915 - while the First World War was still raging on.

She was born 11 years before The Queen, three years before the Spanish Flu pandemic and just three years after the sinking of the Titanic.

She has lived at the home for five years and son, Robert, who also worked in Bolton for many years, said his mum has always been a supportive parent from a “tough generation.”

He said: “She left home when was 15 in the depths of the Great Depression because there was no work in Great Harwood.

“So she moved to Hinckley in Leicestershire where she worked in hosiery factories for a while. During the war, her husband, my dad, Harry, was a sergeant in the RAF.

“She had two evacuees from London thrust upon her. That’s how it was in those days - you would have a knock on the door to say two people would be living with you for the next few years.”

After the war, she worked in shops, cleaners and factories, as well as being an active member of the Unionist Chapel.

Betty has always been "supportive"and stood up for him, said Robert - characteristic of the “tough generation” she is from.

Betty also has grandchildren and four great-grandchildren.

After spending most of her life in Hinckley, she moved to Worsley.

Betty has received a card and letter from The Queen for turning 105.

He added: “When she was 100 she got the card from The Queen, but thought that you got £100 too, so she spent Christmas Day muttering about ‘where’s my money’.

“I had to rush out to a cash machine to go and get it for her.”

Robert also added that the care home support is excellent and his mum is “extremely happy” there.