A DRIVER hit 120mph on the motorway whilst objects were hurled out of his car at pursuing police cars.

Aidan Sherlock, who already has seven previous convictions for driving vehicles whilst banned, is now behind bars.

Bolton Crown Court heard how his latest crime was committed just after 3.30am on December 5 when he refused to stop for police who suspected a Vauxhall Vectra was using false number plates.

In a nine-minute chase along wet Bolton roads and the M6, three police vehicles were involved and officers hoped to use a stringer to bring the high speed pursuit to an end but it was thought to be too risky.

The chase finished when Sherlock hit a kerb on Glynne Street, Farnworth, bringing the vehicle to a halt and shortly after he and two others clambered out of the passenger side of the vehicle, he was arrested.

The Bolton News: Vectra stopped on Glynne StreetVectra stopped on Glynne Street

Verity Quaite, prosecuting, told how police first spotted the car on Wigan Road heading towards Deane Road and followed it as it headed along Beaumont Road and Chorley New Road.

The court heard that, on roads with 30mph limits, the Vectra reached speeds of up to 90mph, careered through four sets of traffic lights and drove on the wrong side of the road.

As the car hurtled onto the M61 at Horwich it sped up to 120mph and Sherlock turned the vehicle's lights off.

Occupants of the Vectra hurled metal objects out of the car, one of which is thought to be a car jack.

"One struck the police car and is said to have damaged the windscreen," said Miss Quaite.

During a search of the Vectra a meat cleaver was found.

"No charges arise from that as it can't be tied to Mr Sherlock," said Miss Quaite.

The court heard that 26-year-old Sherlock has 25 previous convictions for 49 offences, including for stealing a vehicle, drink driving and seven crimes, committed since 2015, of driving whilst banned.

He was already banned from holding a licence until September 2023.

The Bolton News:

Sherlock, of Starkey Road, Tonge Moor, pleaded guilty to driving whilst banned and dangerous driving.

Colin Buckle, defending, said the latest offences were committed whilst Sherlock was driving a Vectra belonging to his girlfriend’s cousin and, other than the guilty pleas, he could offer little in mitigation.

Judge Timothy Stead sentenced Sherlock to 14 months in prison and banned him from driving for four years and nine months.

“You have a very bad record, particularly in matters concerning serious road traffic offending,” he said.

"Your driving on this occasion, it is right to say, was at night and nobody, in truth, was injured but that is no thanks to you and whoever was in the car with you.

"Someone was throwing significant objects out of the vehicle, clearly with the view to deterring your pursuers. That, in its own right, was a dangerous thing."