A COUPLE have been left frustrated after their firm was reported for breaking coronavirus rules three times in two weeks.

Ody Chattzitzikas and Nicki Gillon, who run The Kitchen in Westhoughton, have been visited by police and council officers on three separate occasions recently, after someone had reported the firm for breaching covid rules.

The couple believe the gazebo set up outside the venue to keep customers dry as they waited for their orders might have played a part in a number of the reports.

Miss Gillon said: "It's very intimidating to have enforcement officers turn up – especially if Ody and I are in the back or out shopping and it's just our staff there.

"We've had all these reports against us and then you go elsewhere and people are having hot chocolates under the gazebos put out and the council's have said that's fine and within the rules.

"We don't know who's making the reports and I understand that there's guidelines to follow and probably a few businesses who aren't following them but is there not a line where you think 'actually this place is following the rules, lets work with the businesses instead'?"

The restaurant has only been able to open for five weeks since March 2020, and has taken a real hit during the pandemic.

Determined to soldier on, the couple started to think creatively, planning ways to operate within the guidelines.

In December the pair organised a breakfast with Santa, where children could meet and take a photo with St Nicholas outside the venue as they collected their takeaway breakfast.

Unfortunately, they were forced to cancel the event after they were unable to get the go-ahead from officials.

Miss Gillon added: "We lost out on thousands of pounds by cancelling those events.

"It's really frustrating that something done within the guidelines isn't given the all clear when other areas under the same restrictions have been allowed to do these events.

"We're so lucky that we do street food and we have been able to do pop ups – we've had to adapt very quickly but if you're in hospitality at the moment that's all you can do.

"It's not felt like we've had enough support from government, but our local councillors and our customers have all been amazing – they've all supported us massively and helped keep us going."