A WOMAN has warned pet owners after her two dogs were viciously attacked in a park near their home.

Tina Hayes was out for a walk with her two dogs, Luna and Kenji, who were both on leads, and boyfriend Leon Dooley last weekend in Moss Bank Park.

At around 5pm, as the four walked across the park, a small 'Staffie' type dog lunged at five-month-old Luna, locking onto her back leg and piercing her skin.

Kenji ran over to assist, but was left with deep bite marks on his leg, before the owner of the aggressive dog managed to pull it off.

Tina said: “We could see the other dog choking itself on the lead trying to get to Luna and Kenji but we just kept walking. Seconds later I could hear someone shouting ‘Cooper’ and I could see it running towards us.

“It went straight for Luna in attack mode and went straight for her leg. I don’t know what we would have done if Kenji hadn’t helped her.”

Tina said that she has since been in contact with the owner - who apologised and even offered some money towards the vet care for her two dogs.

He explained that his dog got loose as he switched hands for the lead - with his grip loose due to wearing gloves.

Someone even visited from Farnworth to give the dogs honey for the wounds.

Kenji was left in considerable pain following the incident, with tendon damage according to the vet.

Both are currently recovering, although Kenji is having to return to the vets for a follow-up appointment.

Tina added that the incident wasn’t the first time that she had seen aggressive dogs in the park and worried for the safety of her pets, other dogs and small children who are regularly there.

She said: “This was not the first time that this has happened in the park. We have been in a few incidents just like this. Sometimes it isn’t just an accident though. There are a lot of kids in the park and they could easily see it or get caught up in it.

“I feel like a lot of people - when they see the size of our dogs - cross the road because they are dangerous. But they are just big softies and the dog who attacked the was tiny. It doesn’t matter what size they are.”