A VOLUNTEER helping to vaccinate people against covid-19 has urged people to get the jab when it's offered to them.

Cllr Sue Baines, the executive member for health and wellbeing at Bolton Council, has been helping vaccination teams give out the vital jabs.

The former midwife did her first six hour shift at the Tonge Moor vaccination site on Tuesday, and will be helping out around her council duties until the work is done.

She said: "It's all hands on deck, if you've got skills you need to use them for the benefit of other people.

"We've all got a part to play though – I know there are some doubters out there but at the end of the day we're not going to come out the other side of this without the vaccine.

"When you get your invitation, don't be hesitant and just get it done, it's in all our interests to get the vaccination and that's the best thing to do."

The vaccination will be rolled out to certain people first, with the elderly, the clinically vulnerable, and primary healthcare staff among the first groups.

People will need two vaccinations before they're protected against covid-19, with the government hoping to give both doses within 12 weeks.

Cllr Baines added: "We got a lot of people through the doors – there were a few elderly people coming for their second dose, and then we had some healthcare staff through as well.

"They were all so relieved and happy to have this vaccine and so pleased that they were going to get this protection – it will save many lives going forward."