A MAN who did not have enough cash to buy the drugs he wanted, smashed a taxi window, injuring a woman and repeatedly punched the car's driver.

David Hunt and his friend Chloe Johnson had called a taxi from Metro cars to take them from his Winster Close, Breightmet home to Back Horsa Street in Tonge Moor, where 36-year-old Hunt planned to buy drugs in the early hours of August 26 last year.

But Bolton Crown Court heard how he became frustrated and an argument broke out with Miss Johnson, who remained in the taxi, after he visited two properties and came back empty handed.

Roger Brown, prosecuting, said the taxi driver, Saqab Khan was concerned that he had been directed to park in a dark back street.

"The defendant had an argument with Miss Johnson," said Mr Brown,

"He then, for no apparent reason opened the driver's door and punched Mr Khan several times to the head. The consequences of that are bruising."

Hunt claimed that, out of frustration, he then punched the taxi window, smashing it and injuring Miss Johnson.

"The defendant accepts he caused injury to Miss Johnson. This was far from his intention but he appreciates his actions were reckless," said Mr Brown.

Mr Khan drove to the Metro car's base just a few yards away and paramedics were called but Miss Johnson refused treatment for her bruised and swollen face

Hunt was arrested and pleaded guilty to causing actual bodily harm, assault and criminal damage.

Betsy Hindle, defending, said Hunt "deeply regrets" his behaviour and added that his life had spiralled downwards after he lost his job as an electrician at the start of the coronavirus pandemic.

"Drugs, in recent times, have become an unhealthy and detrimental habit of the defendant," said Miss Hindle.

"Sadly, on this occasion, Mr Hunt allowed this recent addiction of his to get the better of him and he resorted to unacceptable behaviour.

"This is simply at the thought and frustration of not being able to obtain drugs.

"He has lashed out and taken it out on whatever and whoever was in his surroundings."

But, while in prison awaiting sentence, she said his mental health has improved and he has freed himself of drink and drugs.

Because of the time Hunt has already spent in custody Judge Graeme Smith sentenced him to 23 weeks in prison, suspended for 18 months, ordered that he be electronically tagged and subject to a 7pm to 7am curfew for a month and he must participate in 20 days of rehabilitation activities and a building better relationships programme.

Hunt was also ordered to pay Mr Khan £340 in compensation.