A YOUNG woman will be making a hair appointment as soon as salons reopen after lockdown - so she can donate her long hair to charity.

Emma Wilson, 23, will be donating her hair to The Little Princess Trust, who make real hair wigs for children who lose their hair due to cancer treatment.

It’s the not the first time Emma, from Farnworth, who runs her own cake making business Emma’s Little Bakes, has done this.

In 2019 she had 17 inches cut of her hair to be made into a wig.

Initially she planned to have her hair cut at the end of January. But when lockdown hit she realised she had a bit more time to grow it.

This year she’s hoping to donate around 20 to 22 inches of hair. Alongside this she is running a fundraiser as it costs around £550 for the wigs to be created.

Emma said: “My hair grows so quickly I may as well donate it, it’s no use to me. I have to wear it up anyway because of my job so it doesn’t bother me, it’s just in a bun all day long. It’s too heavy to wear down anyway.

“It’s brilliant once I get it cut, I don’t have to use so much shampoo and conditioner.

“Usually I have a trim every six months, but I last had it cut in May.

“It’s really nice to know that your hair is being put to use, I found out last time it had helped to make two wigs.

“I think it’s so hard for children who lose their hair, especially for teenagers at high school.

“At the end of the day you never know when you might need a wig yourself, so it’s good to help make on while I can.”

Emma has set up a GoFundMe page to help raise the money needed to make the wig.

She added: “They’re really expensive to make as all the individual hairs have to be placed.

“But it’s worth it to make a difference to a child’s life.

“Hopefully I’ll resists the urge to hack it all off before the salons reopen.”