CARS have been parking up on a cycling lane in Bolton, causing frustration among cyclists.

A picture shared on social media shows a long queue of cars parked up a cycle lane on Chorley New Road, near Clevelands Nursery and Preparatory School.

Despite the clear marking of the lane and the "wands" that stand in place to deter drivers from parking there, motorists have decided to leave their vehicles there.

President of Horwich Cycling Club, Dave Headon, a cycling instructor that visits youngsters in schools, warns that parked cars in lanes could pose a serious danger to cyclists, who would be forced closer to the road and risk being hit by a car which suddenly pulls out.

He also believes there needs to be more education on respecting the safety of cyclists on roads and tougher enforcement.

The Bolton News:

Dave Headon on his bike

Mr Headon, 57, said: "The lanes have been put there to make it safer for cyclists.

"The drivers might be parking there because everybody else is.

"There needs to be education and enforcement comes after that I think.

"The lanes also encourage people to cycle but a lot of people do not want to give up their cars. The car is king in this country.

"I often get drivers coming up behind me winding their windows down and telling me to get off the road.

"Chorley New Road is very dangerous for cyclists as well and I think we need to create a network from one side of the town to the other to make it safer for cyclists.

"Bolton Council is trying to do that and there is the Greater Manchester Beelines project that is going on too.

"It can be done with enough paths and do not have to cost much."

The cycle lane work has been funded from the Government Active Travel Fund.

A Bolton Council spokesman said: “The existing cycle lanes running along Chorley New Road have been improved as part of a Government-funded initiative to encourage active travel during the current pandemic.

This is a trial and will be assessed to see its effectiveness.

There is no intention to enforce at this time.

“However, cars parked on cycle lanes pose problems for cyclists and it forces them onto the flow of traffic.

"We would encourage all motorists to consider cyclists and their safety and ensure they park appropriately."