A MEDAL awarded to a Suffragette who threw an iron missile at Winston Churchill's car during an election campaign visit to Bolton has gone for £10,000 at auction ­— and will ensure the fight for women's rights goes on.

Nellie Godfrey, found herself being hauled before Bolton Magistrates three times in the campaign to win women the right to vote.

In 1909 ­— the same year she lobbed the missile ­— she was awarded the prestigious Women’s Social and Political Union Medal recognising her work.

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The medal was bought by a collector from the North West

Christopher Mellor-Hill, Head of Client Liaison (Associate Director) of auction house Dix, Noonan, Webb, said: “It has been gratifying to see how well Nellie Godfrey’s medal has done in selling for £10,000 to benefit The Fawcett Society and how widely her story has been portrayed and read following the publicity of the sale of her medal. We are very pleased that is has found a home in the North West of England.”