Tributes have poured in for the popular lecturer, science researcher and theologian Dr Arthur John Jones, who died at Bolton Hospital on January 3, 2021.

Dr Jones, 74, was a husband to Hilary, father to Ellen, Tim and Lizzie and grandfather to James and Luke.

A prolific figure in the field of Christian Education, Dr Jones was born in Essex and moved to Bolton in 1987 after 10 years spent working in Asia, where he helped to establish pioneering science departments in schools in India and Nepal.

As a practising Christian he was very involved in the Church but also worked closely with community leaders and the wider community and continued to carry out teacher training projects in Asia on an annual basis.

Dr Jones, who lived with his wife Hilary in (area), loved walking in the region and especially in the Lake District.

He was also a voracious reader.

Arthur's elder daughter Ellen paid tribute to her father, saying: "Arthur was a quiet and supportive Dad.

"He always took the time to listen to our concerns and passions.

"He had a gift for finding regular small ways to gently encourage our enthusiasms.

"He was always ready with a new book to support and deepen our current interests - I certainly developed my love of reading from him.

"He was never without a gentle word to uplift us - or a book in his hands!"

Wife Hilary added: "What a privilege for me to be married to a guy like Arthur.

"We were always Chalk and Cheese but it worked incredibly well for 44 years!"

Arthur's funeral celebration took place on January 21 at Bridge Church, Bolton.