A COMMUNITY hub has surpassed its expectations of delivering 150 meals a week to the vulnerable- giving out more than SIX times that amount in just a week.

Elite Community Food Hub in Halliwell is now seeking to raise £14,000 to keep going until the end of April, as demand for their service soars.

The hub has been working in partnership with Maverick Stars Trust to deliver food to young people and families around Bolton who would normally rely on school for a nutritious meal per day.

With more children at home due to a third lockdown in a year, parents are struggling with the extra food costs while financial situations have changed for many.

The group expected to be giving out 150 meals per week but sent out more than 900 during the first week of full lockdown.

This has hugely eaten into the group's funding, so they have turned to the public to ask for donations in the form of a fundraiser to help keep the service running.

Chantelle Nice, organiser of the hub, said: "The first week we were doing this we only expected 150 and we did around 900 so that shows the amount of people that are seeking us for help.

"At Christmas, we sent out a lot of meals and we have contacted all of the families from there and asked if they needed some food again.

"A lot people have been happy with what we have sent out. They have said that the meals have been great and some people have even asked us if we are sure giving them that amount of food."

The packages sent out to families contain numerous goods, including dried foods, ready meals, pasta, rice, potatoes and vegetables.

Meals for children are provided by Bee Healthy Food Prep in Manchester - at a cost of £2 per child.

Elite Community Hub is based in a unit above Elite Boxing Gym and many gym members help out, lending their time and efforts to the group.

Chantelle added: "We took over the the unit on top of the gym in the old mill after it became available and have been working on it since.

"We really wanted it as a community space. The gym works well on its own with everything it does for people, but we wanted something more community focused."

The hub has been opened for small classes but it is in the process of administering finishing touches.

To donate to the group's fundraiser, visit gofundme.com and search for 'Elite Community Food Hub Bolton.'