A SCHEME to help young people to get into employment will see 20 apprenticeships created in Bolton.

Charity Leadership Through Sport and Business are working together with The Natwest Group to offer intensive training three week-long training courses followed by a 12 month apprenticeship.

The charity have already launched a similar scheme in London which they are no expanding in various locations including Edinburgh, Liverpool and Bolton.

Open to young people aged 16-24 the scheme is aimed at those from disadvantaged background in particular, with a minimum of two GCSEs required.

Prior to the apprenticeships a three week 'bootcamp' is held by the charity to prepare the apprentices for their new role.

The apprenticeship itself takes place at Natwest's contact centres and pays £18,765.

Shamaine Armstrong, Manchester Careers Development Manager said: "Our scheme was very successful when we ran the pilot in London, now we want to help young people in Bolton to start their careers.

"We are holding interviews over the next three weeks then after that there will be the bootcamps which will be held virtually.

"During the apprenticeship scheme we continue to offer support to ensure that they succeed.

""This scheme is really important as it gives these young people stability and learning while on the job.

"I think a lot of people are saying at the moment to stay in education which is a valid option in the current jobs market.

"But the Natwest Group are still willing to take people on, it's an amazing opportunity for a young person to get out in to the world.

"We're keen to help those from a disadvantaged background in particular, so don't be afraid to apply.

"It's open for 16-25-year-olds so it's quite a wide age range too."

To apply visit www.leadershipthroughsport.org/contact-centres.