FOOTBALL club bosses have urged people to stop “churning up" its pitch by

training and riding quad bikes on it.

People connected to Tempest United FC in Chew Moor Village have reported a “huge amount of footballers” of all ages using their playing field on Tempest Road.

And according to United, players from other teams have been arriving in a number of cars, even wearing their club tracksuits while they train together.

Playing cones have also been used in their sessions, the club has said.

Under the Covid-19 lockdown rules, group activities such as these are banned at amateur level to help prevent the spread of the virus.

The club has reminded people that the pitch is “not an extension of the park” too.

Club chairman Alan Westhead said he has also been told there have been people using powered bikes on the pitch as well, with tyre marks left on the pitch, causing damage.

Mr Westhead said: “We do not mind people coming on the pitch and having a bit of a kickabout.

“But there have been people coming in cars and setting up cones, doing proper training.

“It’s annoying as we are not allowed on our own pitch and these lads are using it, it’s not on. It is disappointing.

“With the way the weather has been recently, playing on it has churned it up and then we have to put it back together again.

“There is nothing to stop people playing there so there is not a lot we can do about it other than making them aware of the damage being caused.

“We don’t have a problem when it is dry but when the pitch is wet through you can see the marks.”

It is hoped that residents will take the club’s message on board and that people can keep enjoying the open space on walks.

A club spokesman added people were welcome to build snowmen there but have been asked to “please leave your quad bikes and training gear at home”.