A PARK in Farnworth is well on its way to a fully-revamped look following the laying of fresh groundworks.

Ellesmere Park has had workmen in over the past weeks to help create a neater and cleaner look to the public space.

Paths around the entrance have been tarmacked, while railings and bollards have been installed at the newly improved entranceway.

Anita Fincham, chair of the park's 'Friend Of' group, said that the work was months in the making.

She said: "Since last April we have been working on it and things are finally coming to fruition. I had just put a little post asking people to do a litter pick but it evolved from there and we started discussing doing things with the area around the park.

"The paths were really unstable so I am glad that they have been re-tarmacked now. They were uncomfortable for people to walk on and made it difficult for elderly and disabled people to get around the park."

The installation of new gates and bollards will also hopefully deter any troublemakers, Anita says, as the group is worried youths could ruin their handiwork.

She added: "We are concerned that some teens with quad bikes or scooters could come along and rip up everything that we have done. That's why we needed the bollards - if some people are coming and making people nervous or doing things that are illegal, it stops people coming to the park.

"We have seen drug users in the park and kids drinking alcohol too. However, we've noticed in the last few months that we aren't seeing them - the cleaner areas have less places to hide, like in overgrown bushes."

There are more plans to come for the park and Anita hopes that in a post-covid world, community assets can begin to be installed.

These include music performances and stalls for local people to buy and sell things.

Among other suggestions are a community 'Christmas Tree' , which would be placed close to the entrance of the park all-year-round.