A COMPETITION has given some of the town's talented poets a platform for their poetry.

Four writers from the under-25 category will have their work displayed on pillars in Bolton railway station.

Currently there are a selection of poems already installed, however, the latest editions have all been written by people living in Bolton.

The competition was organised by Julie Levy of Bolton Station Community Partnership and Dave Morgan of Live from Worktown.

It was funded by Transport for Greater Manchester.

PILLAR: poetry on display

PILLAR: poetry on display

The winners were: Scarlett Holt with her poem Life is a Journey, Seth Maher and his poem Amazing Train, Caitlin Jones with Once, We Were Explorers and Abigail King's The Unknown.

Their poems will feature on pillars on each of the platforms at the railway station.

Scarlett and Seth are both pupils at St Catherine's Church of England Primary School in Horwich.

Headteacher Karen Graham said: "Hearing we have two winners from the school is such fantastic news, we are so thrilled here."

Kate Jones

Kate Jones

Winner Caitlin said: "The poem is written about my dad, almost as a thank you note for all the encouragement he gave me as a child to explore and learn.

"But it's also about growing up, and the bitter-sweetness that comes with leaving your family to find your own path."

Abigail King added: "I wrote my poem about how, on the train journey into Bolton to meet my friends.

"I would be looking out the window thinking how much I don't know and have still left to learn yet feeling content about not knowing all the answers."

POET: Abigail Kings poem The Unknown was one of the winning poems

POET: Abigail King's poem The Unknown was one of the winning poems

The panel of judges included members of the Partnership, the University of Bolton, Live from Worktown and several poets in the area.

Winners and runners up will also have their work printed in an anthology celebrating the creativity present in the Bolton community.

Poetry fans will be able to get their hands on the Platforms Anthology soon.

A Zoom event will be held to celebrate the achievements of all the poets in the anthology.