ASDA stores in Bolton are to help provide laptops to schools in an attempt to bridge the digital divide among some pupils.

Bolton South East MP, Yasmin Qureshi, has welcomed this move by the store, which has three stores in her constituency, including Farnworth, Burnden and Daubhill.

Across the UK ASDA has announced that it will be issuing 7,000 laptops to partner schools as a 'digital divide' has emerged during home schooling in the coronavirus pandemic.

According to Ofcom, 9 per cent of students in the UK do not have access to a suitable electronic device at home.

Ms Qureshi welcomed this move by ASDA, saying: "I welcome the moves by Asda to step in and help to bridge this gap. Bolton South East is home to three Asda stores – Farnworth, Burnden and Daubhill – all which employ hundreds of people and provides the amenities we all require.

"Each of these stores will nominate a local primary or secondary school with a large proportion of families struggling to support home learning. The nominations will then be reviewed by the Better Communities team against the UK Government benchmarking data to ensure those who need it most get the equipment.

"Asda aims to get the first shipment of laptops out by next month and its in-house IT department will be on hand to provide schools with any support they need."