PLANS to convert a three-bedroom terraced house into a seven-bedroom house of multiple occupation have been met with ‘outrage; by neighbours.

Manchester-based developers Wilson and Scanlon have submitted the plans, for a house on Brownlow Road, close to the centre of Horwich.

Councillors representing the area have said that if the plans were approved it would ‘materially alter the family-orientated, residential nature of Brownlow Road.

A highways report attached the plans states that the property is highly accessible to modes of transportation and the town centre of Horwich car parking provision.

The highways report adds: “This would provide an element of justification to

the proposed change of use in terms of the lack of associated off-road parking.

“On this basis, the highway authority would struggle to reasonably object to what is being proposed under this application.”

Horwich North East councillors, Richard Silvester and Kevin McKeon have joined nearby residents in objecting the the plans.

In a joint statement, the councillors, said: “Residents are outraged at the proposal and are being supported by us in their campaign to have the planning application refused.

“We have formally objected to the planning application and spoke along with local residents at a recent Horwich Town Council meeting against the proposals.

“We believe that the proposals are a complete over-development of an existing single terraced property and that they would alter the character of Brownlow Road, having a negative impact on the existing residential

area in terms of the potential for excessive noise and disturbance.

“There is not adequate refuse storage space or garden and communal outdoor amenity space for the potential seven or more occupants of each flat or their visitors.

“The proposals would exacerbate existing parking problems in the local area along Brownlow Road.”

They added that if such an application went ahead it could open up a multitude of similar conversions.

“If these proposals are allowed to go ahead, it would mean that any property in Horwich and most concerning, any terraced property could be converted into multiple flats,” they said.

In a written submission, Horwich Town Council said the plans were “unacceptable over development of a three bedroom terrace house which would materially alter the family-orientated, residential nature of Brownlow Road.

“We have queried comments from highways who offered no objection yet Brownlow Road is already congested with inadequate parking for existing residents.”

Cllrs Silvester and McKeon have asked that the planning application is heard by the full planning committee at Bolton Council should officers recommend approval of the application.