TODAY we launch The Bolton News Lockdown Heroes awards.

A year on from the start of the first lockdown we will honour those community heroes who have gone above and beyond in the last 12 months.

Our virtual ceremony at the end of March – hosted by TV medic Dr Hilary Jones – will hail NHS staff, shop workers, volunteers and young people.

We will also be recognising the everyday heroes and our emergency services as well as those working in business, education and hospitality who have stepped up during the coronavirus pandemic.

Dr Hilary said: “This has been an unprecedented year and there have been so many stories of heroes from all walks of life – from our doctors, nurses and carers to the everyday heroes like our bus drivers, supermarket workers and binmen, to the young people, teachers and neighbours.

“I’m delighted to be supporting The Bolton News’ Lockdown Heroes Awards which will recognise those people who have shown what this great country is made of.

“The awards promise to be a great night and I can’t wait to hear more about the inspiring people of Bolton who have shown such bravery, compassion and leadership in the last 12 months.”

The awards are sponsored by Bolton Council, Stateside Foods and Toughsheet.

Editor of The Bolton News Steve Thompson said: "We have been reporting on some of the amazing acts of compassion, bravery and ingenuity in the last year and it is only right that we recognise the brilliant people of this town.

"I'm thankful to our sponsors for supporting this great event and also to Dr Hilary Jones who will be a fantastic host on the night.

"I only wish we could recognise more people as there are so many heroes out there ­— especially in our hospital and health and care teams in the town."

To enter the awards or to nominate someone, email with no more than 300 words explaining why the person/business should be considered for the award. Make sure to say which category the nomination is for.

Please include your full name, the nominee's full name and contact telephone numbers for them and yourself. The closing date for nominations is Friday, February 26.


Young person of the year

This award will recognise young people who have shown resilience beyond their years over the last 12 months.

They will have:

- done voluntary work towards the fight against Covid 

- OR performed a carer role in their family 

- OR demonstrated independence and maturity while their key worker parents/guardians battle coronavirus

Education hero

This award will recognise a in individual who works in the education sector from the Governor to a site manager and everyone in between.

They will have:

- provided outstanding support for students

- demonstrated real creativity to deliver learning experiences

- inspired students and colleagues with their resilience and positivity

Shopworker of the year

This award will recognise a retail worker who has delivered outstanding service to their customers.

They will have:

- supported customers by providing a friendly service – especially the elderly/vulnerable

- gone above and beyond to help people in need during the pandemic

- demonstrated actions which contribute to the greater good

Environmental worker of the year

This award will recognise street cleaners, litter pickers and refuse workers who are striving to improve our environment in unprecedented circumstances.

They will have:

- shown an understanding of why our natural environment is especially important during the pandemic

- demonstrated creativity in their approach to their work to make people’s lives better

- maintained a friendly and positive outlook, keeping spirits high

Emergency services hero

This award will recognise our first responders – paramedics, firefighters and police officers who have shown exceptional bravery in the last 12 months

They will have:

- shown resilience in the face of extraordinary challenges

- demonstrated true courage in their work during the coronavirus crisis

- been a leader in their team regardless of their role

Community champion of the year

This award will recognise someone in the community – a neighbour, volunteer or friend – who has truly “stepped up” and helped others.

They will have:

- Always put other people first

- Provided a service or support that would otherwise not have been available

- Contributed to the wider good of the borough

Business of the year (COVID-19 related)

This award will recognise a business that has diversified to fight Covid or gone above and beyond to support health workers during the pandemic.

They will have:

- Diversified by manufacturing PPE, hand gel or some other essential product OR

- Deployed staff into the community to help with secondary roles in the Covid fight OR

- Supported NHS/public health during the coronavirus pandemic

Hospitality hero award

This award will recognise a pub, cafe, takeaway or restaurant that has supported the community, despite the immense challenges the hospitality sector has faced.

They will have:

- Provided a community hub 

- OR Used their resources to provide meals for elderly/vulnerable/needy

- Supported their local neighbourhood/community and shown leadership in adversity

The everyday hero award

This award will recognise someone who is helping in the fight against Covid in their day-to-day life

They will have:

- Kept spirits high with people they meet

- Looked out for other people – and helped them when they have needed it

- Contributed in the fight against Covid – whether by helping those shielding or by maintaining a positive outlook

Carer of the year award

This award will recognise the carers at home and in the community who have gone the extra mile.

They will have:

- Shown true compassion towards those they care for

- Contributed to helping keep their patients shielded from Covid

- Demonstrated outstanding acts of kindness

NHS hero

This award will recognise the NHS heroes who have gone above and beyond.

They will have:

- Shown bravery, courage and resilience in their day-to-day work

- Demonstrated outstanding acts of kindness and compassion to families and patients

- Acted as an exemplary ambassador for the NHS

Outstanding contribution award

This award will recognise an individual or organisation that has embodied the spirit of #TeamBolton – fighting Covid, keeping spirits high and showing leadership.

They will have:

- dedicated their resources towards the greater good – providing much needed support/services where it has been most needed

- shown leadership and courage in their efforts

- set a good example to others in terms of following guidance and staying safe