BOLTON CCG has reassured Muslims that receiving the coronavirus vaccine won't invalidate the Ramadan fast.

This year, Ramadan is expected to begin on Monday, April 12, and there have been some concerns that the contents of the vaccine could interfere with the fast.

However, the British Islamic Medical Association (BIMA) has said that it won't invalidate it, as per the opinion of Islamic scholars.

Bolton CCG tweeted: "Ramadan may be a few weeks away but it's likely to coincide with many second doses of the COVID-19 vaccine (and some first doses). Don't worry and don't delay getting your vaccine. @BritishIMA has confirmed it WON'T invalidate your fast."

On the BIMA website, medical professionals have posted several statements and information relating to the vaccine and it's impact on Islamic traditions.

One post reads: "Taking the Covid-19 vaccines currently licensed in the UK does not invalidate the fast, as per the opinion of Islamic scholars. Individuals should not delay their Covid vaccinations on the account of Ramadan.

"Subcutaneous, subdermal, intramuscular, interosseous or intra-articular injections for non-nutritional purposes whilst fasting do not invalidate the fast, regardless of the injected content entering the blood circulation. These routes are not classed as entry sites that would invalidate a fast.

"Receiving the Covid-19 vaccination as an intramuscular injection, the only route for the vaccines currently available, does not invalidate the fast."