THE founder of a litter-picking group has criticised 'throwaway culture' as he provided an insight into the scale of flytipping and littering that the group has face.

Horwich First Community Litter Pickers has been active for the last three years, regularly cleaning up streets, parks and fields around the area.

And the group's founder, Steven Chadwick, said that the group had uncovered a lot in that time.

He said: "We have across knives and blades - some 12 inches or longer. We tend to find quite a few trainers too and we have even found crisp packets from the 1980s and 90s - those sort of things will be around forever and certain items like that show the longevity of rubbish. It really is something people need to consider when they throw their rubbish away without thinking.

"As well as all that, we really do come across all sorts. Lots of household waste and even the odd cannabis plant too."

Steven added that the amount of waste generated by modern society is of great concern for the eco-friendly people of the world, with plastic that can have seconds of use lasting hundreds of years once it has been dumped.

He said: "At the end of the day, cuts inhibit the council's ability to provide a service. Then you have ridiculous amounts of packaging on items - and all of that has to go somewhere. Then finally, you have a lazy throwaway culture where things are just thrown aside rather than recycled or put in waste bins."

A lot of the group's litter picking has been cancelled due to the pandemic, although individuals have still taken to the streets with their pickers and green binbags.

Steven added that the fact that new groups were springing up across Bolton and further afield was a positive sign that more and more people were becoming aware of their surroundings.

He also hoped to host a 'big community clean-up' - huge litter picks that the group has used to introduce new members.

He said: "Groups have been springing up across the borough and I think it is because more people are becoming aware of their surroundings. Hopefully we can host a big litter pick soon, as it was a great way to meet people. Unfortunately they've not gone on for a while due to Covid. But once they are, it is a great way for people to see some new faces."