A "DISGRACEFUL" off-road bike rider caused damage to an area of green space in Farnworth over the weekend.

Witnesses spotted a rider of a red bike near a patch of land on Piggott Street close to the junction with Albert Road and it is thought he may be responsible for the vandalism.

Images show a number of bike tyre marks on the grass with mud sprayed on the pavement and in the road.

The land is owned by Silcom Ltd, which maintain the site.

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Farnworth Cllr Paul Sanders has slammed the act of idiocy.

He said: "These actions are disgraceful and totally inexcusable.

"The biker knew he was damaging and gouging out the greens and spreading turf all over the pavements and road – nothing more than a pathetic personal kick at others' expense.

"The worse damage is sadly to Silcom Ltd's lawns, which are kept pristine by the landowner.

"The vandalism is obvious in the street scene."

Silcom Ltd managing director Jim Hill noticed the damage on Monday morning.

Mr Hill added: "When I came into work I noticed it.

"We will have to fix it."

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A description of the rider has been reported and witnesses are urged to contact police if they have any information.

Cllr Sanders said: "Residents have described the bike as mainly red with white markings.

"The lad was wearing dark trainers, grey trousers and a dark coat with a brown fur trim around hood and a light logo on each shoulder.

"After causing the damage, residents said the biker headed towards New Bury.

"Please contact the police on 101 if you think you can help identity the bike and biker."

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Using off road vehicles in public parks or on publicly-owned land without permission from the local authority is illegal.