A COMPLAINT was made about the Mayor of Westhoughton wearing his chains of office during the minute's applause for Capt Sir Tom Moore.

Cllr David Wilkinson took part in the appreciation event for Sir Tom from his front doorstep and said he wore the regalia as he wished to convey that the people of Westhoughton recognised the veteran charity campaigner's efforts after his recent death.

But Cllr Wilkinson said after he posted an image of him clapping on Facebook, a complaint was made to the town clerk and copied to the council's monitoring officer.

He said the complainant claimed his actions were 'political' and the mayoral regalia should only be used for official engagements.

Cllr Wilkinson, a Liberal Democrat member for Bolton Council who also sits on Westhoughton Town Council ,said the complaint was received from a 'political opponent' and it was 'beyond him' how anyone could object to his civic act of appreciation.

He said: "There was a complaint to the town clerk. It was that I'd done the clap outside my house and so therefore it was not an authorised engagement.

"There is no protocol for what I can and cannot do in the mayoral chains to a certain extent. Obviously I couldn't rob a bank in them but there are no strict rules.

"He claimed because I was wearing the chains during the clap and then put an image on Facebook later it was a 'political act'.

"I've shared other mayoral events on my Facebook page, of course I have.

"As I viewed it, Sir Tom was an inspiration to many people in the country. A 100-year-old chap who set great things in motion and raised a vast sum of money. He was incredible."

Thousands of people took part in the clap of appreciation on the evening of February 3.

Cllr Wilkinson added: "As mayor I thought that it was only fitting to show some appreciation.

"How anyone could object is beyond me."

Cllr Wilkinson said he understood that the complainant had accepted the town clerk's response that there is no fixed policy on when the town mayor can wear the chains.

Capt Sir Tom had initially set out to raise £1,000, but he eventually raised £32.8m from more than 1.5 million supporters.

He was knighted by the Queen in July 2020.