Bolton's Campaign for Real Ale branch has called for more support for the pub industry.

Reports suggest that pubs will only be allowed to serve outdoors in beer gardens from April, with indoor service not for many months after.

This puts pubs without a substantial beer garden at threat, according to Bolton CAMRA, with pubs still in need of support.

Graham Walsh, the Campaign for Real Ale's Bolton branch chair, said: "Bolton CAMRA support moves to open pubs in any way that the evidence says is safe. Bolton's pubs have suffered more than anywhere with long periods of closure and restrictions.

"Well-run pubs offer no more risk than shops or other hospitality and must be treated fairly and equally. 

"Restrictions on opening such as outdoor-only service need to be workable and done in full consultation with the pub trade.

"There will still be a need for a comprehensive support package to help pubs, especially where restrictions make trading unviable or impossible.

"Under particular threat are traditional pubs without large beer gardens or food offerings. We hope the roadmap has a clear plan for reopening of all pubs.

"Until then there must be a commitment to support pubs until all restrictions are lifted."