A MAN whose car hit a former partner after he visited his home to drop possessions, has been convicted of careless driving.

Bolton Crown Court heard how, following the breakdown of a relationship, Adam Hodson drove to his former boyfriend's home in Breightmet to return some of his possessions.

But an argument developed and, when the ex-partner stood in front of 28-year-old Hodson's BMW, it moved forward and struck him, flinging the victim onto the bonnet and leaving him with bruises and a sprained ankle.

Hodson, of Mead Avenue, Leyland, was charged with dangerous driving following the incident on January 8, 2019, but denied the offence.

On the day of trial the prosecution instead accepted Hodson's guilty plea to the alternative charge of careless driving.

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Joshua Bowker, prosecuting, told the court: "This was the dropping off some belongings. The complainant was stood in front of the car itself, voluntarily.

"The car moved forward at no great speed, causing him to go onto the bonnet and then onto the floor, causing injuries."

He added that, following the incident, there was a brief period where the relationship resumed, but it is now at an end.

The court heard that Hodson, a software developer, has no previous convictions or any penalty points on his driving licence.

Fining Hodson £500 plus £135 in costs and charges and adding five penalty points to his licence, Judge Timothy Stead told him: "The offence arose in very unusual circumstances when there was considerable emotional strain for both of you.

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"I am pleased to hear that both of you have moved on since then and I have no reason to think anything like this will happen again.

"In this sort of circumstance you do need to be very careful. We all need to remind ourselves from time-to-time that a motor vehicle is like a very heavy weapon."