WALKERS visiting the takeaway cafe at Turton Tower were given free coffees on Monday – thanks to a mystery benefactor.

A man, who identified himself only as Martin, gave the Turton Tower Woodland Cafe £100 so they could hand out free drinks to customers.

It turned out to be an emotional day for cafe manager Natalie Ashton, who spent the day dishing out drinks and food to people she felt deserved a little treat.

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She said: "I personally wanted to let him know that he put many smiles on many faces and there has even been some happy tears shed from that kindness.

"I know many customers wanted to send their thanks to him.

"I asked all the customers to pass on a smile to another person and hopefully his kindness has rippled through the community."

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One customer said: "We love visiting this place for a walk and a coffee in lockdown.

"It is one of our few pleasures and to get this free coffee today made our day."

Mobile coffee vans and takeaway cafes are becoming more popular in lockdown with people seeking out somewhere they can go for a walk and a drink while sticking to the rules.

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The Around a Pound ‘horsebox’ coffee shop had become a fixture at the Jumbles reservoir – but has now had to move to Queen’s Park due to complains from some nearby residents.

And Turton Tower is set to introduce parking charges later this year as its car park becomes more crowded with walkers, while the historic hall itself is shut.

The cafe based at the hall is operating a takeout only service during lockdown.

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Turton Tower Woodland Cafe owner David Bellis added: "Since I was awarded the contract in June 2020, we have built up an incredibly large loyal customer base.

"This gentleman has proven that one random act of kindness can provide a lot of comfort in these strange times."

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