LITTER pickers have been out in force this month amid ongoing complaints of fly-tipping.

Green Party election candidate Paris Hayes, with a team of volunteers, has been out in Hulton to tackle the growing problem.

Mr Hayes, 19, who stood for election at the 2019 General Election against Chris Green in Bolton West, began litter picking around 18 months ago.

He said: “During lockdown a lot more residents have noticed litter and have been getting out to help clear it - and make our communities a nicer place to live.

“We are still experiencing a knock-on effect from the tips being closed last year during the first lockdown and fly tipping is a problem in nearly every area of Bolton.

He welcomes council proposals to increase fines for fly-tippers, he still believes there is a ‘huge problem’ in tracking repeat offenders.

He added: “Another issue is the barrier to disposing of large waste, especially if you don’t have a car to get to the tip - £32 for five large items can be very expensive to some residents.”

Art tutor Amanda Ryan, is concerned because the ginnel near Hulton Lane has been ‘blighted by fly tipping for months’.

She said: “Not only here but other areas of Deane have also been subjected to such abuse.

“It is to the credit of volunteer litter pickers in these areas that something is done, albeit temporarily.

“Now is the time for the council to take action on this blight before it becomes a greater environmental issue.”