A NEW coronavirus testing site has been set up in Leigh to identify people who have Covid-19 but are not showing symptoms.

Leigh South Community Centre on Hope Carr Road will welcome residents for a test with a focus on those who live and work in Wigan borough and come into regular contact with the public due to their jobs, volunteering role or caring responsibility.

People in these positions can book twice weekly repeat testing slots.

This includes education or childcare workers, those working in sheltered living facilities, frontline workers including taxi drivers, plumbers, electricians or informal carers and volunteers.

The sites are also available to smaller businesses where staff are unable to work from home.

In addition, "pop up" sites, for members of the general public, will be set up as required in areas of high infection.

As well as Leigh South Community Centre, Wigan Council has launched three more no symptoms testing sites.

Test slots and repeat visits can be booked via the Wigan Council website but residents must meet the specified criteria.