THE work of the 19th Century literary sisters, The Brontës, will feature in a creative festival event next month.

"The Brontës: Reimagined; Reappraised; Revisited" will take place online on Wednesday, March 17 at 6.30pm with two authors of the famous sisters set to discuss their lives and their novels.

"A View From the 21st Century" Brontë biographies Dr Sophie Franklin and Adelle Hay will give their insights at the event, organised by Bolton Library and Museum Services and Saraband Press.

Questions may be debated such as "who was the real Charlotte Brontë?" and "was Emily a woman ahead of her time?"

"Why has Anne been endlessly sidelined?" and "which is the greatest Brontë novel of all?" may be discussed.

The event, which is free to book, is part of the New Words Festival, a joint online book festival celebrating the partnership between the Time to Read network.

It is funded by the Arts Council England.

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