A SCHEME that has helped companies get back to business during lockdown has been re-designed for the new business landscape post-lockdown.

The Bounce Back to Business Media and Marketing Plan was launched last May during the first lockdown by award-winning journalist Angela Kelly and digital marketing expert Val Dickinson.

They created an initiative to encourage business owners to improve their profile right across the media including print, online, social media and broadcast. The scheme’s set fee included a press release, an optimized blog to help SEO links and boost brand awareness, social media posts and a social media review.

The plan has proved so successful with clients during lockdowns that businesses across Bolton and GM - including business coaches, HR consultants, photographers and yoga teachers - were able to boost their profile and gain new clients.

Now, with the end of lockdown looming, Val and Angela have altered the structure to better reflect how the world of business has changed during lockdown.

Angela said: "People have become more used to being home-based for business and by choice.

"They order more goods online and use all areas of the media for entertainment and information much more. Radio, for example, now has 50 per cent more listeners than it did pre-lockdown.

“So our idea was to help more businesses to have a more open approach to using all media to market their products and services and so gain more coverage.”

Added Val: “We now know what works best for clients and not being open to all media in an integrated approach means that some businesses will miss out.

“We have also helped new clients to use social media better, engaging with new audiences rather than just those they attracted previously and this has led directly to new business.

“We are both small business owners ourselves so we know the importance of marketing and getting your message out to the public. We also know that businesses have to take action to make a difference and we are more than happy to help.”

To find out more email angela.kelly5@ntlworld.com