A GO-ahead firm which offers hangover days and unlimited holidays to its employees is expanding - and hiring for new roles after outgrowing its office for the third time in three years.

The Audit Lab, formerly based in Chorley New Road, has now moved into a spacious and modern office in Atria, near the town centre, to facilitate their six new hires in under a year.

The agency provides digital marketing for companies - and bosses say they are now looking for three new people to help with their services.

Positions are available for an SEO Executive, web developer and a senior PPC executive, according to the outfit.

The company offers its employees unlimited holidays, six-hour working days and pay reviews every six months.

The firm also offers “hangover days” - a self-policed policy which enables workers to have an extra glass of wine or two the night before work if they so desire.

Since March 2020, firm’s has been working harder than ever with their roster of clients across a number of different industries.

Co-founder and director of The Audit Lab, Claire Crompton, said: “We’ve had such an exciting year in 2020 having already hired three new people.

"I’m so excited to be bringing in more talent to our expanding business, and we can’t wait to see what 2021 holds for us.

“We have grown quite a bit over the last year hence the move. We are just hoping now that Covid can disappear and we can use the office more.

"We did have a rocky period last year and we did think everything we did would go down the pan, but thankfully that patch didn’t last too long.

“This year has injected a whole new vigour into the business and I’m really hopeful and excited about what’s to come.”

For The Audit Lab's hangover day rules, click here. 

If you are interested in any of the positions, send your CV to info@theauditlab.com.