A group of approximately 50 youths have been dispersed from a Bolton park.

Police tackling anti-social behaviour in the borough as part of Operation Arden found the large group of youths in Old Station Park, Horwich, tonight.

Police say as they approached the youths they dispersed in all directions, leaving behind cans and bottles of alcohol.

One youth had to be taken home by police due to being too drunk, to ensure they got home safely.

A GMP Bolton West spokesman said: "Officer find large group of youths on Old Station Park, Horwich.

"Officers from operation Arden have responded to a large group of youths on Old Station Park, Horwich.

"As the officers have approached the group of approximately 50 youths they have run off in all directions leaving behind a mess of alcohol cans and bottles.

"Do you know where your kids are?

"We’ll be taking one child home as he was too drunk to run away and thus we now need to ensure he gets home."

Officers soon updated through their social media after this telling parents that their kids should be at home - as another 14 and 15 year old had to be taken home for drinking too much.

The spokesman added: "A 14 year old and 15 year old are being taken home after sharing a litre of vodka.

"As well as spending time taking these kids home there’s quite a bit of paperwork involved for the officers.

"They will now submit a ‘Care Plan’ which can inform future decision making around these families but also then generates referrals to partner agencies such as children’s services.

"Let’s not forget no-one should be out and about unless they have a specific reason defined under the coronavirus exceptions. Your kids should be at home."