A team of local breweries have come together in solidarity to brew a new beer together in lockdown.

Led by Rivington Brewing Co., the teams from Northern Monkey, in Nelson Square, Escape Brewery, based in Horwich/Westhoughton, Blackedge Brewery, in Horwich, Withnell's in Chorley, and Tin Head Brewery in Bradley Fold, have made a new pale ale called 'Close Quarters'.

The beer was brewed at Rivington Brew Co's base in Horrobin Lane, next to Rivington reservoir and have been packed into cans over the last week and taken to pubs across the borough.

Ryan Bailey, co-owner of Northern Monkey in Nelson Square, who were involved in the hands on making and packaging of the beer said Bolton and surrounding areas had built up a very strong beer brewing scene over the last few years, with this collaboration an example of the town's strength.

He said: "We're all quite close friends with being in the industry together, we speak to each other all the time helping and supporting one another quite regularly.

"It was great to all brew a beer together.

"Bolton is slowly building up a good reputation for making really good beers. So many brewers across the borough are putting together some really good beers.

"Bolton is well on the way to rivalling Manchester's brewers .

"This is definitely up there with them, we made it over a while, all putting in our ideas and all helped to make it at different times.

"With coronavirus restrictions we couldn't all be there to do it at once but it was till very good."

Northern Monkey have also recently announced that they will be reopening their new outdoor area in order to be able to open again on April 12.

Announcing this on Facebook, Northern Monkey said: "During April we’re going to make the most of the Costa Del Bolton and get our outdoor space open.

"We can’t guarantee the weather, but we can guarantee Ice cold beers, gins, cocktails, pizzas, smiles etc."

As well as collaborating on this beer, Escape Brewery have just started to brew their beers in a new premises in Westhoughton.

Escape Brewery is run by friends Philip Wray, Dave Cross, and Adam Smith, with all their drinks following the theme of a famous escape from history.

Close Quarters Pale Ale is available to buy on the websites for Northern Monkey and Rivington Brew Co., as well as other sites.

All breweries can also be found on social media.