A COFFEE shop in a horsebox which opened at the end of January for walkers has changed its location for a second time.

Around A Pound opened on Jumbles Walk in Grange Road and was a hit with customers, but after residents objected to the location, owner Joe Rigby, did not renew his licence there.

The business temporarily re-located to Queen’s Park, but has now switched to The Railway in Chapeltown Road’s car park.

The horse-box conversion caters for all winter walking needs, serving roasted coffee, speciality teas, hot chocolates, toasties, sandwiches and sweets.

Joe said: “As much as we have loved being on Queens Park, it was never a long-term location due to the cafe reopening soon. The support we have had...has been amazing as it was when we were at Grange Road.

“We are pleased to say....we will be back local to the Bromley Cross area. Michael and his team at The Railway have been unbelievably supportive and been able to give us a great opportunity.

“I just wanted to personally thank the local community/business for their tremendous support that I received.

“We are really excited to be able to move back to the incredible community that has supported us so much from day one. Thank you all so much for your continued backing.”