Plans to convert a terraced house into a seven-bed house of multiple occupation (HMO) in Horwich have been condemned.

Town and borough councillors have moved for the application in Brownlow Road, Horwich, to be rejected, with Horwich Town Council representatives calling it an "unacceptable overdevelopment".

Resident Colin Stutchbury says the parking situation in the area is horrendous, which would only be made worse with a seven bedroom house.

He said: “There are not enough spaces available for residents, a problem which will only be further exacerbated by the development of this property.

"Both sides of Brownlow Road are completely full with parked cars, something which often occurs and results in residents being unable to park near their home and having to park a distance away on other streets.

"There are also often issues with vehicles parked on Mort Street directly on the junction with Brownlow Road, which ‘overhang’ onto the pavement of Brownlow Road making it difficult for pedestrians to cross safely and for cars to enter/exit Mort Street safely."

Horwich North East councillors, Cllr Richard Silvester and Cllr Kevin McKeon have asked for the application to be decided at a full Bolton Council planning committee meeting, with the application having been recommended for rejection at Horwich Town Council in January.

Cllr Silvester said: "I believe that the proposals are a complete overdevelopment of an existing single terraced property and that they would alter the character of Brownlow Road having a negative impact on the existing residential area in terms of the potential for excessive noise and disturbance.

"There is not adequate refuse storage space or garden / communal outdoor amenity space for the potential seven or more occupants or their visitors and that the proposals would exacerbate existing parking problems in the local area along Brownlow Road.

"I am concerned that If these proposals are approved, it would mean the green light for any terraced property in Horwich to be converted into multiple living accommodations."

Opposing the application, a Horwich Town Council statement, said this is "unacceptable overdevelopment of a three bedroom terrace house which would materially alter the family-orientated, residential nature of Brownlow Road.

It would have a "negative impact on residential amenity of local residents due to noise and disturbance" and Brownlow Road is "already congested with inadequate parking for existing residents".

The Town Council also queried the need for this type of accommodation in the area and voiced concerns about attracting antisocial behaviour in a quiet, residential road.