WORK to create more controversial segregated cycle lanes in Bolton has been stopped ­— until the public can have their say.

No more wand-orcas ­— posts separating the lanes from traffic ­— cycle lanes will be installed after attracting hundreds of complaints , covering everything from safety, to congestion, to being an eye sore.

The posts first appeared in Chorley New Road last year and following a public outcry, ward councillor Andy Morgan has asked Town Hall chiefs to stop any further installation until a consultation has taken place.

The scheme is part of Metro Mayor Andy Burnham's multi-million pound 'Active Travel' initiative headed up by Greater Manchester’s Cycling and Walking Commissioner, Chris Boardman

Cllr Morgan told The Bolton News: "I have had more messages about these new cycle lanes than anything else.

"Some have been supportive but most have said they do not like it.

"This is one of the most prestigious roads coming into Bolton and they look a mess, are placed sporadically, and given the current state of the road people have asked why could the money from GM not be spent on it ­— and it is hard to argue with that."

Cllr Morgan said other complaints included reducing the carriageway outside Bolton School causing congestion and posts outside people's home causing an inconvenience - and the potential danger they pose at night.

He said: "The backlash to the scheme has been horrendous and people need to have their say. In wave two and three of there will be consultation but there was no consultation in wave one.

"Now other planned schemes such as the A6 will be stopped until there is a consultation.

"The segregated cycle lanes already installed will not be removed, which I would have liked,but no other work will take place until there has been a consultation."

Cllr Morgan said: "Most people, I think, do not have a problem with cycle lanes, it is the wand-orcas which are the main issue. The cycle lanes are not yet even enforceable they have not reached that stage"

Under the Greater Manchester Combined Authority 'Active Travel' scheme segregated cycle lanes cover both directions of Chorley New Road from the Beehive roundabout to Queens Park; the A6 Bolton boundary with Salford to the Chequerbent Roundabout, Westhoughton in both directions; Manchester Road to access Bolton town centre from the south and Bolton to Farnworth.

Cllr Morgan concluded: "We are not anti-cycling, but schemes should be appropriate to the environment. Active travel is not just about cycling, and there seems to be this fixation with cycling at GM level.

"We have some great walks in Bolton, such as the Middlebrook trail, but they need investment. I receive complaints about the state of footpaths and we need to invest in them and lighting."

The consultation will take place over a two period from March 22 and details of how it will run will be released shortly.