RESIDENTS have spoken out about the conditions of a road in Blackrod after they continually have to clear dust, gravel and debris from paths outside their homes.

Pollution has become a concern for homeowners on Station Road, with one resident describing the area as a “slum”.

People have reported heavy-goods vehicles regularly using the highway, leading to debris gathering along paths, driveways and front gardens.

Street sweepers have been deployed in the area but the rubbish keeps returning.

Eileen Jackson has noticed the problem becoming steadily worse.

The pensioner suffers from COPD and feels the pollution caused by the dust is aggravating her condition.

She said:”My garden walls, window sills, and paths are all covered in black dust.

“There is a constant stream of heavy traffic going past, it feels like the area has become a small group of houses stuck in the middle of an industrial estate.

“I’ve lived here for over 20 years and I’ve noticed my COPD becoming worse, I become out of breath very easily.

“I’m sure the dust is causing significant air pollution.

“The street sweepers seem to make no difference, they were here several times in the past week but the dirt is still there.

“When it rains it all becomes thick mud, it’s like living in a slum.

“It depreciates the value of the houses on the road, nobody wants to buy a house surrounded in dust and dust.

“The road has a 7.5 tonne weight limit yet heavy traffic still passes through.

“I don’t think people should have to live like this in 2021, it’s really not good enough.”

Hilary Williams, who also lives on the road, regularly has to clean the area outside her house due to the gravel and debris.

She added: “I have to clear up rubbish from my path on a daily basis, I need a shovel some days to clear up the gravel.

“The amount of muck that needs clearing up is unbelievable.

“I can’t walk out into the road without my shoes becoming filthy.”

Cllr Susan Baines said: “I am aware of ongoing concerns regarding Station Road.

“Over the past year it has been difficult for services to go ahead due to coronavirus restrictions, with many frontline workers deployed elsewhere.”

Blackrod Town Council has been contacted regarding the issue and Bolton Council has been contacted for comment.