A BESPOKE baby products specialist in Bolton has secured its first trade deal with Australia for 15 years through a government export initiative.

Bosses at Cosatto, in Farnworth, are shipping out £130,000 of merchandise Down Under after working with UK Export Finance (UKEF).

In the wake of Brexit, Government officials say a new trade agreement is close to being signed between the two Commonwealth nations which could be worth billions of pounds.

For Cosatto's slice of the action, this involved experts from UKEF helping to secure insurance for their Australian deal.

Under their export credit agency scheme Cosatto, which already has a healthy UK supply chain and exports to Japan, was able to ensure the contract for 300 prams, 750 strollers and 200 highchairs to another family-owned business could be fulfilled.

Online operations at the Farnworth firm have already seen them ride out the worst excesses of the pandemic and turnover is expected to reach £14m.

Talks are underway with distributors to broaden their product range.

Graham Stuart MP, Minister for Exports, said: “This is a prime example of how innovative British brands have the potential to go global with the right support.

"Exporting companies like Cosatto are more productive, create more jobs and pay higher wages, which is why we are radically changing how exporters access the government finance they need to sell to the world, allowing them to take full advantage of upcoming trade deals with countries like Australia.”

Andrew Kluge, Cosatto's chief executive, added: “We’re incredibly proud of our business and of the way we’ve adapted this past year.

"Australia is an important market for us, and so was ensuring we could meet demand when the first door opened in years.

"Our unique products are backed by science, and continue to save the world from boring baby stuff - one happy child at a time.”