A MULTI-USE games area for a park in Horwich has been delayed after councillors’ concerns were raised that it was not big enough.

Bolton Council submitted plans for the new games area surface at Old Station Park, Chorley Old Road before its own planning committee.

The area in question is the site of the old multi-use games area (MUGA) which fell into disrepair and is currently being used as a car park for the new leisure centre.

The remaining part of the old surface would have been returned to grassland as part of the proposals.

The proposed new site is between the the existing all weather pitch and the play area and would measure 36 metres by 21 metres and be suitable for ball games such as football and basketball.

A report to councillors, said: “Since it was built in the 1970s, Old station Park has had more and more facilities introduced to the extent that it is now little more than a recreation zone than a park.

“When the former MUGA was utilised as a temporary car park and was going to need refurbishment it was identified by the council that there was an opportunity to relocate it, aggregate the sports facilities on a slightly smaller footprint and introduce a less busy, quiet space, as you would expect in most town parks.

“This proposal sees to broaden the appeal of Old Station Park to the less active members of the community.”

The meeting heard that the MUGA would be reduced in size under the plans from 1,172 sq metres to 756 sq metres.

Horwich Town Council objected to the proposals saying it was a ‘downgrade in size’ and the application should be delayed until the larger plan of town centre regeneration was completed.

Cllr Elaine Sherrington told the committee that the youth of Horwich ‘need the facilities now’ as the country emerges form lockdown.

The committee agreed to defer the plans for further discussion and a revised scheme is likely to be brought forward at a later date.