KIND-HEARTED strangers rallied round at Westhoughton town centre park to help a man after he fell while out walking.

People brought blankets, cushions and hot water bottles after Steve Gregory slipped while out walking with wife Ellen and their dog.

He had stepped aside to let a woman past but unfortunately slid on some mud and was unable to get up again.

While they waited for an ambulance, passers-by rushed to help them while nearby residents nipped home to retrieve items to make Steve more comfortable.

Steve was taken to hospital and on Monday had surgery for a broken tibia and fibula, with rods being fitted into his leg.

Ellen said: “Everyday we try and walk three miles as Steve had a heart attack last year so it’s important for his fitness.

“But as he was stepping aside on the path he slipped and fell, it was clear he was quite badly hurt as he couldn’t get up again.

“As we were waiting for the ambulance lots of people came to help us, bringing blankets and hot water bottles.

“Everyone was so kind, it’s an absolutely fantastic community.”

Steve, 61, added: “The people of Westhoughton were fantastic, it was very painful but everyone came and helped and I am very grateful.

“One lad in particular, Jack, he was amazing and very helpful.

“I want to say a big thank to everyone who helped, the community spirit is alive and well in Westhoughton.”

Following the incident, Ellen was able to track down several people, including Sue Crompton, 14-year-old Jack Ashurst’s mum.

Sue said: “We were out walking and we saw that this man had fallen, Jack said we can’t just leave we have to do something, so we went home and grabbed some things.

“Jack held an umbrella over him and we just kept chatting to take the mind of the wait.

“When the ambulance was nearby it couldn’t find the right entrance, so Jack ran to guide to the correct place. I’m really proud of him, he’s such a kind and caring lad.”