Eighteen people have been arrested after a Kill the Bill protest was held in the city centre this afternoon.

Police were aware of and were monitoring a group of protestors that had gathered at St. Peter’s Square at around 1pm today (March 27).

GMP said that it was 'a largely peaceful and contained group of protestors that had gathered' and that the majority of the crowd had left by around 4pm.

Some of those who remained sat on the Metrolink line at St Peter's Square which police say 'caused significant disruption to transport networks and members of the public in the city centre'.

Those who remained and were obstructing the tram lines were moved away by officers and a 18 people were arrested.

Chief Superintendent Andy Sidebotham said: “We have been working closely with partners and engaging with those present at the protest all afternoon to avoid any risk or disruption to the wider public in the city centre and today’s event was largely peaceful and without issue.

“However, as the day went on the remaining group caused significant disruption to the public of Greater Manchester.

"I understand the desire to peacefully protest but by blocking trams this smaller group prevented passengers from travelling to work for essential journeys, including health and care workers.

"This was clearly unacceptable and, in our duty to serve the public, we could not allow to be tolerated any longer.

“I would like to pay tribute to the patience of the public today whilst we brought this to a conclusion.

"This importantly comes down to the people of Greater Manchester and a small minority today ultimately caused them a great deal of disruption which required us to step in and bring it to a fair and swift conclusion.”