A JET-SETTING couple of drug dealers spent their ill-gotten cash on foreign holidays, designer clothes and Rolex watches, a court heard.

Adam Hussain and Emma Lavery, both aged 24, dealt cocaine from their luxury flat in Bolton, while enjoying a lavish lifestyle they recorded in a scrapbook found by police officers, who raided their home in 2020.

At Bolton Crown Court, Gavin Howie, prosecuting, described how officers first raided the couple's property on Merryfield Grange in Heaton on May 7 2019.

They found a freezer bag with 11 snap bags containing cocaine and a variety of "expensive designer goods" including a Rolex watch valued at £28,000, Gucci tiger pumps, Valentino camo flip-flops, Christian Louboutin shoes, £4,218 in cash and a large machete.

"These goods were all very expensive and indicative of the sort of lifestyle that these two were enjoying at the time of these offences," said Mr Howie who said the total value of property and cash seized was around £55,000.

A scrapbook was also seized which Mr Howie said showed photographs of a number of trips abroad including Barcelona, Rome, Amsterdam and Mexico.

The couple were arrested and released under investigation with records showing Hussain had no record of employment between 2016 and 2020 with no record of benefits being paid either.

Lavery, of Holden Mill, Blackburn Road, Bolton, had worked in high street retail but had earned just under £30,000 over a four year period.

Analysis of the couple's phones uncovered text messages which officers said confirmed Hussain was in charge of the supply of drug to a number of street dealers while Lavery was "bagging and cleaning up".

On July 25 2020, police officers attended another address at Holden Mill on Blackburn Road, Bolton, where the couple were now living.

Officers found a large amount of cash spread out on a bed and inside drawers and on arrest Hussain was heard to say "keep your mouth shut" to Lavery who was heavily pregnant.

A search of the property and two vehicles revealed more cash in three different bags and in wads of £1,000 each. One bag had 'profit' written on it.

More high value clothing and accessories were found including those for the unborn child.

A BMW parked outside was also searched with a North Face gilet covering a quantity of cash and a Gucci handbag containing a receipt for £1,600 found inside.

Officers were able to check CCTV at the Selfridge's store in Manchester which showed Hussain purchasing the bag with cash a few days earlier.

38 snap bags of cocaine were also found in the car, along with a knife and a pair of gloves.

Estimated value of the cocaine seized was £925 with the total amount of cash recovered from the property found to be over £115,000.

It was estimated that the couple had supplied around one kilo of cocaine over a five month period.

Mr Howie added that Hussain had five previous convictions for 13 offences and had been jailed for ten weeks for driving while disqualified during proceedings.

Lavery had one previous conviction for driving while over the limit for alcohol.

Bunty Batra, defending Hussain, said: "He (Hussain) has a fixation with motor cars and enjoys driving fast cars.

"He was using an Audi A3 which he crashed while uninsured and found himself in debt to the owner of the car.

"I'm told the debt was more than £25,000 and he was unable to pay that sort of money and that made him fall into drug supply."

Mr Batra said that although Hussain slept at the flat at Holden Mill it was used by other associates.

"He was there to be used by others to whom he was in significant debt," added Mr Batra. "He has got himself caught up with others far more sophisticated than himself through debt and enjoyed a lifestyle that was unrealistic and now he is paying a heavy price."

Richard Orme, defending Lavery, said she now had an eight month old daughter with Hussain but the couple had split up.

"She has learnt a salutary lesson," said Mr Orme, who added that Lavery was university educated and worked in retail for the Arcadia Group.

Sentencing Hussain, who pleaded guilty to conspiracy to supply cocaine, two counts of possessing criminal property and possession of cocaine with intent to supply, and Lavery, who pleaded guilty to conspiracy to supply cocaine and possession of criminal property, Recorder Stan Reiz, QC, said: "There is no dispute that neither of you had sufficient funds to buy the extravagant gear that was found in your address.

"This was a significant operation to supply users with cocaine on the street and there were clearly substantial gains that you made as a consequence of your drug dealing.

"You both spent the proceeds of drug dealing on extravagant goods which you both enjoyed and you took a number of holidays which you no doubt enjoyed so there was an obvious benefit."

Recorder Reiz handed Hussain a six year prison sentence with Lavery sentenced to 16 months imprisonment suspended for two years.

Lavery will also have to complete 100 hours of unpaid work and she will be the subject of a four month curfew between 8pm and 7am.

A proceeds of crime hearing will take place on September 2.