No sooner has lockdown started to lift and what do we have? Yes LITTER LOUTS!

Piles of beer bottles, disposable barbecues, food wrappers, lots of broken glass, discarded clothes and shoes and oh yes dirty discarded nappies were left strewn about in parks and on beaches after the hottest day of the year

Major clean up operations were organised right across the country.

Littering was so bad in two of Nottingham’s parks that the local council where forced to close them to the public.

Whilst it is obviously great that people are taking advantage of getting outdoors why can’t they act responsibly and show a degree of respect for the people who have to follow on and clear the mess they choose to leave behind?

There is also the fact that the cost of clearing will most probably be added to next year’s council tax bills which these morons will end up paying along with the rest of us.

There is no excuse whatsoever for dumping this rubbish. If you can carry it with you when you go out then you can also carry it back home.

There is nothing clever or big about leaving discarded litter behind - it just makes you look the lazy, selfish beggar that you really are.

Mrs L M Jackson