Police had a busy weekend around a popular beauty spot despite warnings to stay away from the area during the Easter weekend.

Chorley police say they had to break up a group of up to 70 people who were acting anti-socially, as well as reunite two missing children with their families, and put out a number of dangerous BBQs on moorland around Rivington.

This comes after warnings were issued by Bolton Council and other authorities to not gather around Rivington Pike this Easter weekend due to coronavirus lockdown restrictions.

The rule of six is still in place and the council urged people not to take part in the annual hike to Rivington Pike that usually takes place every Good Friday.

This would often attract thousands of visitors but had to be cancelled for the second year in a row due to Covid-19 restrictions.

Police were therefore on duty across the bank holiday weekend to help enforce restrictions along with other partner agencies.

The public were commended for being a "credit to the community" by police as most did stick to the current guidelines.

However, the incidents police did have to get involved in, such as the breaking up of the group of 70, putting out a number of dangerous BBQs and seizing an off road bike that was causing a nuisance meant police still had their work cut out.

A Chorley Police spokesman said: "Well as you will have seen officers from police, fire, local councils, United Utilities, Rivington Heritage Trust and charity North West 4x4 response (at Rivington).

"Its been a busy but successful operation. We have reunited two missing children with their families as well as a missing dog.

"Fire have put out a number of BBQs on the moorland. We have seized an off road bike causing a nuisance to the community and we have engaged positively with the public as well as using the weekend to build working relations with partner agencies.

"On Friday we broke up a group of approximately 70 people near Rivington Castle who were causing anti-social behaviour and these were moved onto the the Horwich area with the help of GMP.

"Going forward the local officer will be working with these agencies to develop a public spaces protection order preventing the use of BBQs and open flames on the moorland.

"Thanks to the partners for their assistance this weekend and thanks to the public for in the main adhering to the current restrictions and enjoying the weekend in a sensible manner.

"Once again the local people have been a credit to the community."