WHEN Hashtag Burgers opened its doors for takeaway and delivery services earlier this year, the restaurant’s ambitious owners had no idea whether their business venture would be successful.

With their burgers, as well as signature waffles and milkshakes seemingly flying off the shelves, I decided I had to go and try them out for myself.

The Bridge Street burger bar’s co-founder Raza Karmat says that his vision is to deliver ‘restaurant quality food for a takeaway price’.

The Bolton News: Raza and his team hard at work

He said: “We’re starting off small, but we have plans to eventually become a large franchise.

“We want to open up stores all over the country.”

It certainly lived up to my expectations. In fact, it exceeded them.

While Uber Eats and Deliveroo drivers were flying in and out of the eaterie, I opted for the Smokin’ burger, accompanied by the Hashtag Burger secret sauce, turkey rashers and curly fries with red salt - fresh out of the grill.

The Bolton News: Our reporter Sam Ormiston trying out Hashtag Burgers

To drink, I had an Oreo milkshake with bits of Kinder Bueno mixed through it - and cream on top, of course.

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The Aberdeen Angus burgers were of the highest quality, so it was hardly a surprise when Raza told me that they are completing ‘hundreds of deliveries a week’.

The prices are a little higher than the likes of McDonald’s or Burger King - but the bigger taste and portion sizes mean that you are getting so much more value for money. I felt full to the brim afterwards and, despite being tempted to grab a waffle for dessert, I decided to head home with my waistband still in tact. Just.

The Bolton News: Hashtag Burgers on Bridge Street, Bolton

Owner Raza and his wife, Sadia Jabeen, are self-proclaimed foodies. Before the coronavirus pandemic, they would travel hundreds of miles to try out new restaurants.

They always dreamed of running their own place and they are thrilled that the response from the public has been so positive during these trying times.

Sadia said: “It has been extremely busy and we have had a phenomenal response from our incredible customers.

“We have experienced massive surge in support from the local community. We are very grateful to Bolton - and we also feel incredibly grateful to be able to create job opportunities in these unfortunate times.”

Hashtag Burgers currently employs 15 staff members, including some of Raza and Sadia’s family members.

The Bolton News: A busy Wednesday night shift

It seems as if all there is to do at the moment is eat. Or exercise, I suppose, but I know which one I’d rather do.

The Bolton News visited the restaurant as part of its continued coverage of how businesses are coping in lockdown.

Our reporter wore a mask – other than when trying out the new snack – and remained socially distanced at all times.